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Luvata has a diverse knowledge of metals and processes and an unmatched range of end-markets and global footprint.

Luvata Insitu

Salt SprayASTM B117Exceed 5,000 hrs
Water immersionASTM D8703 months
Pencil hardnessASTM D3363HB-F
Cross hatch adhesionASTM D33595B
HumidityASTM D2247500 hours
UV resistanceASTM D4587500 hours
Mandrel bendASTM D522Passed 1/8 inch
Mold resistanceASTM G21Passed
Sand & dust resistanceMIL-STD 810FPassed
Product Alcum Standard centrifugal
When time is critical, a field-applied spray coating may be the right solution. Luvata Insitu® is a permanent, water-based, synthetic coating developed specifically for the protection of heat exchange units. It can be applied quickly at our facilities or on-site.

While this technology does not match the complete immersion, factory-applied ElectroFin® E-Coat process, a spray-applied coating does provide a level of protection that is better than no coating at all. Applied by certified technicians, the coating is fast drying, with only a single application required.

Luvata Insitu® benefits

  • Decreases pressure and temperature deltas.
  • Extends operational life.
  • Creates a smooth surface for easy maintenance.
  • High chemical and UV resistance.
  • Drop ship available.
  • Environmentally sustainable.
  • Meets low VOC, water-based SCAQMD emission standards.
  • Flexible.
  • No refrigerant removal necessary.
  • Luvata Insitu® process

    ES² technology

    Luvata Insitu® contains ES2 (embedded stainless steel pigment) technology, an anticorrosion coating specifically designed for the protection of coils mounted in corrosive areas. Coils will have a permanent, water-based synthetic coating with ES2 pigment applied to all coating surface areas without material bridging between fins.


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